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Family & Matrimonial Law

Family and matrimonial cases are some of the most difficult legal cases, because, more often than not, they have emotional consequences affecting loved ones, such as children. We understand that at Harmesha Solicitors, so we take every care to ensure that your case is handled with discretion, empathy and professionalism throughout.

We believe the key to conducting these cases successfully is being approachable and explaining the legal processes involved at each step of the way, from outset to conclusion. Doing this requires a special skill-set, which is why the members of our family law team are selected for their interpersonal skills, as much as their experience in family law.

Just some of the areas in which we specialise:

  • Separation and divorce – Splitting up is never an easy decision, especially when there are children involved, and the process can be fraught with problems. All our family law solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with issues as they arise and are trained to act as mediators to help parties overcome disagreements during the process.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements and financial settlements – Finances are another problematic area when it comes to marriage and divorce. Where both parties have multiple assets, things can get very complicated. Many of our family law experts come from a financial background and are able to deal with most circumstances.
  • Residence and support of children – When it comes to disputes involving children and support of children, we will strive to help parties come to mutually beneficial arrangements regarding living arrangements and support hopefully without going to court or involving the Child Support Agency. However, if court is unavoidable, we will offer a full legal advisory service throughout.

Of course, this list is in no way exhaustive of the cases we undertake. Today, legal cases involving family law are more convoluted than ever. Harmesha Solicitors is fortunate in that we have experienced personnel from every aspect of family law who can pool their resources and expertise to get the best possible outcome for all involved.

We understand that making the first move to resolving family problems can be the difficult. Contact our family law departments at our London office on +44 330 321 0542 for the advice you need to help put your mind at ease.